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Nothing is more adoring than enjoying the baby’s first bath in your arms. Seeing the soothing calmness in their face after each bath time fills the hearts of new parents. It helps to keep them clean and also ensures a power nap after a bath. Therefore, one of a new mother’s most essential concerns is choosing the right baby wash product for their newborns.

Read further in this article to learn more about our editor’s list of best organic baby wash products to ensure a cozy bubble bath for your little munchkins.

Things You Should Consider While Buying The Baby Wash Products:

Even though adults have the luxury to test-watch the skin products before buying, for kids’ sensitive skin, it is like inviting a risk on your neck. Inappropriate baby bath products will not only harm their eyes and skin but also risk their skin health in the long run. Some baby wash products and baby shampoos contain harsh ingredients that discomfort the eyes and delicate skin of babies. Who would like tears in their little ones’ eyes while enjoying a cozy bath time? 

According to expert’s suggestions, parents and caregivers should keep a few things in mind while buying baby wash products. These include- non-toxic, organic ingredients and proper ingredient labeling to ensure buying a chemical-free baby wash. In addition, a natural baby wash should contain skin-benefitting agents such as natural moisturizer and oil for smooth and tear-free bathing. 

Editors List of Best Organic Baby Wash 

Choosing the right baby bath products is like choosing the safety and comfort of your little ones. No experiment is allowed when your baby’s soft and sensitive skin is the priority. Regular baby bath products used for cleaning babies are often found to have risky ingredients. It also has a tear-free label to attract parents’ attention. Therefore, going for a natural & organic baby wash is the ideal choice for your baby’s safe, regular hygiene essentials. Amidst the number of brands available in the market, very few organic baby wash products boast their brand for safety and claimed-value justice. Keeping their safe bathing in mind, we have gathered a list of the best organic baby wash products in this discussion to assist you on your maternal journey.

  1. Babo Botanicals Moisturizing Baby Shampoo and Wash
  2. California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo and Body Wash
  3. Earth Mama’s lavender Baby Wash
  4. Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo and Wash 
  5. Little Biomes Gentle Baby Shampoo & Body Wash
  6. Carina Organics Baby Shampoo and Body Wash
  7. Puracy Shampoo & Body Wash
  8. Honest Company 2-in-1 Cleansing Shampoo and Body Wash

Babo Botanicals Moisturizing Shampoo and Wash

Babo Botanicals Moisturizing Shampoo and Wash, made of two main organic ingredients, oat milk and calendula, is a skin-friendly baby wash. This natural baby shampoo cleanses the baby’s skin while leaving a soothing and soft after-effect on babies’ skin for its skin benefitting pure botanicals. In addition, its mixture of oat milk and calendula nourishes the baby’s dry and sensitive skin perfectly. We have chosen Babo Botanicals baby wash as our best organic baby wash product, considering mothers’ reviews and rich skin-benefitting agents for babies’ bath time.

California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo and Body Wash

California Baby Super  Sensitive Shampoo and Body Wash is one of the best plant-based baby wash. It is free from artificial fragrance, parabens, and toxic chemicals to save the baby’s soft skin from harsh side effects. This organic baby bath product has many skin-benefiting natural agents like chamomile flower extract, aloe Vera, and calendula extract. These elements energize your baby’s soft skin after each bath time and prevent dryness on your baby’s skin. Moreover, this baby wash is free from hypoallergenic substances that cause allergies and ensures tear-free bathing for its baby-sensitive ingredients.

Earth Mama’s Lavender Baby Wash

Earth Mama is considered a trusted brand for organic baby wash products. It Baby Wash is an oil and glycerin-based baby wash for safe and moisturized baby bathing. This vegan baby wash works very gently yet cleans the baby’s skin and hair smoothly. The organic vanilla and sweet essential oil make a naturally drawn essence for the baby’s calming bath time.

Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo and Wash 

Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo and Wash is a moisturizing baby wash and one of the best organic baby bath products for its super nourishing quality on sensitive baby skin. Its edible ingredients, including grape seed oil, apricot oil, and soy protein, keep the baby’s skin hydrated and soft while bathing. Burt’s Bees baby wash is free of toxic elements that allow parents to ensure a healthy bubble bath for their kids. In addition, this pediatrician-tested, non-toxic baby wash serves a comfy bath time with its tear-free wash formula and clears the baby’s skin from head to toe.

Little Biomes Gentle Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

Little Biomes Gentle Baby Shampoo & Body Wash is one of the top choices of consumers for its baby-sensitive ingredients and gentle washing nature. This organic baby wash consists of a pleasant formula of calendula and rose hydrosol oil, making it very hydrating and ideal for skin prone to eczema. Moreover, its microbiome-friendly nature and lack of toxic chemicals make it safe and skin-nourishing for newborn babies.

Carina Organics Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

Carina Organics Baby Shampoo and Body Wash is one of the top vegan body wash products for babies in our list, known for its hypoallergenic and tear-free bath time. This organic wash is made of plant, vegetable, flower, and tree extracts with natural sweet pea essence. Karina Organics baby wash has a hydrating vegan formula that helps you gently rinse your baby’s sensitive scalp and skin with ease. Moreover, its 100% biodegradable ingredients ensure the safety of the environment just as much as it does for your newborn’s skin.

Honest Company 2-in-1 Cleansing Shampoo and Body Wash

Honest Company 2-in-1 Cleansing Shampoo and Body Wash idolizes the pure organic theme as their product agenda and preaches a safe, natural formula for gentle cleansing on sensitive skin. Just as their motto proclaims, the ingredients in this organic baby wash are free of parabens, phthalates, dyes, synthetic fragrances, and formaldehyde donors. The body wash nourishes the baby’s skin with chamomile, aloe, and four naturally derived elements that the whole family can use. While keeping the ingredients harm-free, this body wash promotes environmental sustainability through its recyclable packaging. As much as this pro-organic baby wash is best for your baby’s sensitive skin, it is also eco-friendly because of its recyclable bottles. Which parent can avoid such tomorrow – concerned brands for their safe and efficient product quality!

Puracy Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

Puracy Baby Shampoo and Body Wash is one of the safest baby bath products that has the explicit declaration of their ingredients being a transparent baby wash brand. This organic baby wash is 98.8% natural and vegan, which assures a calming bath for your little one’s sensitive skin. Moreover, its soothing chamomile helps you clean babies’ delicate skin and scalp gently, ensuring the safety of your baby’s soft skin.


Investing more in the right product is more satisfying than saving a few bucks on the unhealthy baby wash for the baby’s sensitive skin. You can see the list of our best organic baby washes to find the right one for your little champ! Nothing comes before the safety of your little one’s delicate skin and their soothing bath time.


  1. How do you choose the best organic baby wash for your baby?

Choose baby wash made of safe organic products that have mild and slightly acidic ingredients, are chemical-free (paraben, Dioxane, and Formaldehyde), and contain skin-benefitting agents (i.e., organic oil and fruit extracts) for babies.

2. Can I Use Baby Wash Products for Both Body and Hair?

Yes, some baby washes are made with gentle natural substances. They can be used on all the areas of their outer body, including the scalp. Most organic baby wash products are mainly made of harmless natural ingredients. And it is allowing two-in-one baby bath products for babies’ healthy baths. 

3. How do you avoid getting water into newborns’ eyes and ears while bathing? 

You can always find a shower cap or soft protection gear for babies in the market. To avoid getting excess water into your baby’s ears and eyes. Though these baby washes are tear-free, it is best to avoid applying them on the ear, nostrils, and bare eyes. 

4. What Kinds of baby wash products are harmful to babies?

Babies’ skins and eyes are more delicate than adults’. Therefore, baby wash products that have harsh chemicals such as artificial scent, alcohol, and other tear-jerking ingredients. So, We should avoid it. Nonetheless, you should always check the ingredients of baby bath products before buying them.

5. Can I use Baby Bath Products Daily to bathe my baby?

As much as adults need regular bathing, babies need them as well, as long as your baby wash products are made of organic/natural elements. So, you can bathe them with them regularly. 

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